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Above: Gingernut Ranger (Warren)

We always have a selection of hybrid laying hens available for sale. 

Are birds are fully vaccinated and wormed and are offered for sale from 17 weeks onwards.

Our birds are all reared in mixed pens to minimise problems when you take them home.

Laying hens are ideal for the novice and first time keeper as they are more hardy and easy to do, unlike pure breeds who can be quite complex to keep.

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Above: Miss Pepperpot (Black Rock)

We expect birds to come into lay at around 21 weeks, BUT lots of things can affect this, enviroment, weather, time of year etc. Each bird is an individual an will lay in their own time. If you have any problems in the first few weeks of keeping your new hens we are only a phone call away, we are more than happy to help and share our unlimited knowledge and advice, but remember we are NOT a vet, if you at all concerned about the health and well being of your bird(s) please seek veterinary advice immediately.

Updated 25th August 2016

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Above: Bluebelle

Birds are priced at £15 each

Discounts for purchases of 10 birds or more.

Other poultry sundries 

(food, wormers etc)

can be obtained on request.

We DO NOT sell any our hatching eggs

We do not sell our pure breed exhibition stock, on the rare occasion we do have any surplus show birds they will be advertised on here or our facebook page. 

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Above: Speckledy

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Above: Sussex Star (white bird) & a Bluebelle